Tokyo Backpack

SKU: 103383D71OS


Tokyo backpack is a perfect-sized backpack, lightweight, with 2 side pockets- a bigger one for everyday essentials and a small one for easy-to-pull small things.

With thick comfortable straps and a hand handle, it's perfect for work, for an afternoon walk, and of course, for travel.

• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Size: Width: 36 cm/ 14.1 in , Height: 31 cm/ 12.2 in , Depth: 12 cm/ 4 in
• Made of recycled synthetics, machine washable

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Ethical Commitment
  • Emphasis on small-scale, slow fashion with a focus on quality and waste reduction.
  • Strong partnerships with local family-owned factories, prioritizing employee safety.
  • Use of eco-friendly and durable materials.
  • Support for local manufacturing, reducing emissions and benefiting the community.

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