Who we are?
Daniella Lehavi is an Israeli handbag and accessories brand which was founded 31 years ago and is based in Tel Aviv. The brand was established with a strong focus on empowering women and cherishing the value of family. These values continue to be embraced in our relationship with customers, employees and vendors.
Our bags are a part of the fashion revolution. It’s all about creating new items that align with a broader vision: valuing the source, contemplating the future, and embracing the present.
Beauty is not confined to our perception alone. Beauty resides within our souls as well. Beauty emerges when our environmental concern harmonizes with our love for design and craftsmanship.
Our products adorn the shelves of more than 70 boutiques across US. Our discerning buyers routinely immerse themselves in selections from 5 distinct collections annually—3 of which take center stage at NYC markets in September and February, while the remaining 2 receive their spotlight through intimate Zoom appointments. These carefully curated collections consistently thrive, recording impressive high sales.

Contact Us

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