We prioritize craftsmanship and uniqueness in every piece, aiming to counter overproduction and excessive consumption by crafting small, distinct collections. Each item is treated with care to ensure longevity, thus offering enduring value to our clients.

Ethical Commitment

We use Vegetable Tanned Leather, a renowned leather production method that epitomizes environmental friendliness and durability. It relies solely on natural substances like fruits, leaves, and tree bark, using traditional techniques to create a distinctive appearance and long-lasting quality.

Vegan & recycled collection

Our vegan bags are part of the fashion revolution, focusing on creating new items that align with a broader vision: valuing the source, contemplating the future, and embracing the present. Made from 100% recycled plastic and containing only vegan materials, they allow you to make a positive impact without compromising your style.


Our designs are produced locally to support small, local businesses and workshops. This approach reduces transportation emissions and fosters investment in local craftsmanship and the community.