Bring Back My Bonnie to Me

Spring 2024

Beauty doesn't care about age

And it's not just because big fashion brands are finally catching on and featuring women of all ages in their campaigns.

Take a quick flip through this year's fashion magazines, and you'll see legends like Maggie Smith at 88, the ever-stunning Charlotte Rampling at 77, French icon Catherine Deneuve, and even the literary powerhouse Joan Didion. They're all slaying on those glossy pages, promoting high-end fashion pieces.

And let's talk TikTok. The "grandma style" trend has taken over, with videos showcasing folks who want to dress comfortably and chic, as well as fashion lovers who appreciate vintage finds.

We've always believed that beauty knows no age, and our bags - which are both timeless and perhaps look even better as they age - simply prove the point. And here's another winning card: our bags look great on women of various ages, body types, and lifestyles. The soft leathers, comforting natural colors, and the craftsmanship poured into them - women understand, regardless of their age.

So we wanted to talk about Bonnie, the vegan bag that is a bestseller around the world - and how it connects with so many women, like the 'grandmas' we photographed for the last Family Day campaign.

Michal Ardor, an insurance agent who is soon celebrating her 60th birthday, is a mother to 3 children and a grandmother to 2 grandchildren. She is being photographed for the campaign and is full of excitement. "I'm here to have fun", she says, "and it's a little treat for myself." She is excited about the Bonnie bag, which miraculously seems to suit everyone, every event, every time. "You're allowed everything, you can do everything, and whatever you want", she explains, "'just reach out and take it".

Liora Yarkoni, aged 68 from Ganei Tikva, is a grandmother to 4 grandsons and a mother to 3 daughters. She is a retired teacher and engages in a lot of sports. When she holds the Bonnie bag, she claims it's the perfect bag in her collection, one that suits her lifestyle and the variety of activities she engages in, from helping with her grandchildren to going out in the evening and attending Pilates classes.

Bilaha Keidar, aged 72, is a mother to 3 children, two daughters (Yaara Keidar, a renowned historian and art curator, and Dikla Keidar, a writer and creator whose recent series "Zero Hour" has won international awards). She is a grandmother to 6 grandchildren whom she loves dearly, and she works in the field of communication therapy, hearing rehabilitation, and fitting hearing aids. She also holds the Bonnie bag, and together with us, she deliberates which color to choose. "I love the lightness and functionality of the bag," she explains, "it's not one of those heavy bags that you work for, but rather a bag that works for me. And it does everything I need on a busy day that awaits me every morning."

The last one photographed is the youngest of them all: Limor Ferder, a mother of 4 children. She is 54 years old, an architect and interior designer who "loves the sea." She also speaks highly of the Bonnie bag, the vegan bag that aligns with her worldview focused on reducing consumption and caring for the environment. "I'm for the world, and just as I go around with a reusable cup and consider the environment - that's how I like the bag to be made from recycled materials. It's a perfect bag because it speaks two languages: day and night. It's not formal, it's exactly me."

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