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Daniella Lehavi:
From a successful leather brand to a best-selling vegan line.

Daniella Lehavi was founded in 1991 as a high-fashion leather goods brand. Since 2019, the brand has ventured into the vegan bags collection, which has made a significant impact on the fashion industry. Daniella Lehavi have achieved this by utilizing unique and innovative materials. We have discovered the potential quality and innovation of using plastic bottles as a raw material, harnessing the uniqueness of this material to create beautiful and timeless patterns.

How is it happene?

  • Plastic bottles are collected for recycling 
  • Caps are removed and bottles are sorted by colour 
  • The bottles are cleaned and sterilised to remove any nasties
  • The plastic is dried and shredded into small flakes
  • Flakes are melted and extruded (squeezed) into yarn
  • The yarn is spun into thread
  • The thread is woven into fabric rolls
  • Fabric is cut and sewn to create new bag.

Daniella Lehavi appreciate the versatility of plastics who makes the bag a lightweight, waterproof and can replacing the traditional material - leather. Success of plastics is partly driven by their durability; yet, it has also led to an accumulation of plastic waste in the environment due to improper end-of-life waste handling.

Daniella Lehavi's vegan line addresses the needs of women who are workers and travelers, seeking functionality in their accessories. The concept behind each bag is to complement the owner's lifestyle. Every bag includes interior pockets with zippers to ensure the safety of personal belongings, along with an internal keychain for attaching essentials like keys or a wallet. When designing each product, our foremost priority at Daniella Lehavi is to tailor the bag to suit your preferences. We take pride in the functionality and sustainability of our accessories and look forward to sharing our brand with you.

 About Daniella Lheavi 

Daniella Lehavi is an esteemed Israeli fashion house known for its exquisite high-end leather accessories established in 1990. After a successful decade of operation, the brand expanded its reach by opening more than 10 stores in Israel, significantly elevating its prominence. In 2013, Daniella, unfortunately, passed away and her son, Ori Lehavi, stepped in as the CEO and fashion director, continuing her remarkable legacy. Over the past 15 years, the brand has garnered widespread global recognition, with a particular emphasis on expanding its market presence in the United States.


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