Flori Large Backpack

2,190 NIS
Color Black

SKU: 103399C15OS

The new generation of backpacks is here, and it's beautiful and modern than ever: organic shape backpack with enough room for your laptop and everything you need. The perferfc work bag of the summer.
• Round silhouette that looks organic on the body
• Exterior zipped pocket
• Inner zipped pocket, inner open pocket
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Top leather handle
• Inside key holder ring with a leather strap
• Width:12.5" (32cm), Height: 13.5" (34cm), Depth: 2" (5cm)

Daniella Lehavi's leather handbags are made with love and care from the finest materials. Their various textures and finishes mean each needs a different level of care. In general, use professional leather treatment and protection product for the best result.

How to remove surface dirt?

Dampen a clean microfiber cloth with warm water. Gently wipe down the leather to remove any dirt. Let the handbag sit for several minutes until dry.

How to clean off stains and oil buildup?

Apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a damp microfiber cloth. Never apply leather cleaner directly to the purse. Gently rub the cleaner onto the leather in a circular motion.

Pay special attention to the handles and clasp areas, and remove any oils left from handling the bag. Remove the leather cleaner with a clean damp microfiber cloth. Repeat on any tough stains. Be careful to apply very gentle pressure.

How to clean your suede bag?

To remove stains from a suede bag use a soft pencil eraser or fine grade sandpaper. Rub gently at the stain with the eraser until the stain clears. After you removed the stains, rub down the bag with a clean cloth or brush. After you cleaned your suede bag it is a good idea to condition its?

How to clean your leather shoes?

Ensure your shoes are dry and using a soft shoe cleaning brush, gently brush away the dirt.
Remove stains by using a suitable leather shoe cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers.

How to remove water stains from your leather shoes?

Lightly wet the entire outside of the shoe, use a sponge or dry cloth to blot any excess water, then let the shoes dry overnight. To keep the shape of the shoe, insert a shoe tree whilst it dries, once completely dry, brush lightly with your suede brush.