Top 3 Boulevards You Must Visit In Israel

When visiting Israel, it's almost a no-brainer to come visit places like the Dead Sea or eat at a local restaurant in Tel Aviv. To help you experience Israel to its fullest, we gathered the 3 most recommended places to get the cultural adventure you are looking for:

Rothschild Boulevard- Tel Aviv

When you land in Israel, the first thing you'll probably hear is: "passports please", but the second thing you'll hear is "how do I get to Rothschild Boulevard?" And for a good reason. Rothschild is the main street in Tel Aviv, the center of Israel with plenty of local street foods and prestige restaurants in the same place. many different shops to roam around and among all that noise, our flagship is centered in the middle.

Mamilla Boulevard- Jerusalem

Secondly, you guessed it: Mamilla Boulevard in the beautiful ancient city of Jerusalem. Mamilla holds a vast number of fine dish restaurants such as Rooftop and over 140 apparel stores for your choosing. Wether you are just walking by or taking your time on a shopping spree, Mamilla Boulevard is definitely worth checking out. Want to schedule 1-1 time with one of our experts?

Moria Boulevard- Haifa

And last but definitely not least, Moria Boulevard. Everyone in Haifa knows that the Bahai Gardens are famous for their unique design, combining geometrical shapes and exquisite detailing. But after a nice walk around the city, you can grab lunch at the not-so-far Moria Boulevard, home to many local restaurants and bakeries. While in Moria Boulevard you are likely to run into some original Israeli fashion designers and of course us (Daniella Lehavi).