Spring 2023

The Book Of Shoes

Chapter II - Mules & Sandals

We're excited to introduce our second part from the Book Of Shoes.

In recent years, most magazines and catalogs are published only online. We want to keep some of the old experience and make you feel like you're flipping through a paper magazine, discovering each new pair of shoes, and even imagining that smell of fresh paper.

This is The Book Of Shoes - Chapter II

Austin Woven Mules

Comfortable mules with effortless elegance

Austin Straw Woven Mules - White
Austin Straw Mules - Black

Austin Punch Slingback

Super light and stylish slingback shoes

Austin Punch Slingback - White

Austin Mesh

Iconic and soft shoes that combine high-quality leather with light mesh

Austin Mesh - Brown
Austin Mesh - Black

Newport Mesh

Stylish and casual mesh sandals

Newport Mesh - Black
Newport Mesh - Camel
Newport Mesh - Navy

Tokyo Mules

Classic and timeless weaved mules

Tokyo Mules - White
Tokyo Mules - Black

Mallis Buckle Slide

Platform slides with a unique and subtle mix of materials

Mallis Buckle Slide - Camel

Modena Diamond

Comfortable sandals with everyday glam

Modena Diamond - Diamond